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A major area of expertise for Inova cast is the production of power-driven mechanisms for the defense industry, like a quitemultifaceted castings in aluminium, with the help ofprocedureslike shell moulding and injection molding. The company is also having experience with precision investment casting, defense industry castings, pressure casting, as well as sand cast. Post-casting operations are handled by Inova cast machining competence, which is carried out on the company's own CNC machining centers and turning centers. This offers Inova cast a significant competitive edge. We provide a comprehensive variety of castings for defense Industry, which is manufactured with the help of cutting-edge technology and good quality materials.

The mechanisms are casted into practically in every form with assuring extensive alloy choices, higher enterpriseautonomy, mass savings, tighter acceptance and superior part surface circumstances. Planned from to full muster, using a procedure that is capable of manufacturing nearly any geometrical form, such castings hold up modern engineering with good work software enhancing enterprises to power on procedure competences.

Inovacast is pleased to be recognized as one of the most promising military casting manufacturers in the industry. Our castings are used in a variety of components that are installed in military equipment. Inovacast defense industry castings are constructed from high-quality metals and alloys to provide the strength and durability that customers need.


The following are some of the benefits of the procedure

  • Fabricatingwith a long service life
  • A large selection of alloys, both metallic and non - metallic
  • With precise dimension for bearances, the form is almost net.
  • Order quantities of any size or complexity may be handled inexpensively.
  • For the production of a completed component, just the bare minimum of machining is necessary.

Additionally, we manufacture our own injection tooling, fixture fabrication, and investment casting, allowing us to maintain complete control over the casting process and assure consistency in quality.

Why Inovaccast for your Castings for Defense Industry?

  • We have many years of expertise in supplying components for the industry, and we are dedicated to providing the highest-quality castings to all of our clients throughout the process.
  • Parts we've manufactured for the defense sector, such as defense sighting systems and robotics components, may be seen in our collection. You can examine the materials and procedures that we utilized to manufacture the components in this section.
  • Our castings are the best available for any Castings for Defense Industry project, and we give you with quick turnaround times and long-lasting castings when you pick us as your component manufacturer (which are capable of withstanding even the harshest of settings).

Our Approach to the Manufacturing Process