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Valve Castings India Suppliers and Manufacturers

Inova Cast is a reliable and popular microfusion investment casting company. We have a specialized microfusion investment casting team that uses their knowledge and experience wisely to make the casts from alloys. Basically, investment casting is a process which is used extensively by many companies to make the metal products. It is used to make intricately shaped components. The metal products or components made using the investment casting process have greater tolerances than a vast majority of other products. Also, the products made from microfusion and investment casting have a very fine surface finish.


More About Valve Casting India

Valve casting in India is a complex process that requires a trained team of professionals. Also, high-end tools and machinery are required to make the valves. A few of the most popularly used valve castings include, valve cast bonnet, disc, flange, valve cast body and many more. There are a plenty of casting techniques which are used for valve casting. Different methods and machineries are used to make a variety of valves with different specifications. Valves of a variety of dimensions are used in different industries. Valve casting includes a plenty of processes, like inspection of the raw material, melting and heating, pouring of the liquid metal, making of the mold, wax pattern, making of the shell, quality check, packaging, shipping etc.

A wide range of premium quality materials are used for valve casting, including alloy steel, carbon steel, stainless steel and many other alloys and metals. Valve casting manufacturers use strong metals and alloys to make good quality valve castings India.

What makes Inova Cast a Top Choice of the Valve Casting Industry?

Use of tested and certified materials for valve casting in India

Valve casting is a complex process and it involves a series of steps. However, one of the most important parts of the process is the use of certified and tested material. We have a very detailed inspection process to quality check the raw material. Only if the raw material passes all the quality tests, we use them for the manufacturing of the valves. We also make sure that we buy only certified raw material from a verified supplier. Because we use strong and reliable raw material, therefore, our end product is extremely durable. The kind of material used to make the valves is very significant as the quality of the valve is mostly dependent on the quality of the material which is used.

We Offer Customized Products

Inova Cast is an expert in the field of valve casting. We have the right manufacturing setup to manufacture a wide range of valve castings in India. We also understand and deliver customized valves to our clients.

Ease of Maintenance

Valves manufactured by us are very easily repaired and reused. The ease of use and maintenance of the valves is one of the most significant factors that have made us a leading companies of valve casting in India.

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