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Machined Investment Castings Suppliers

Inova Cast is a well-known and trustworthy investment casting foundry in India. We are considered as one of the topmost preferred investment castings suppliers in the country because of our high-tech machined investment casting techniques. Inova Cast is a leading name in the investment casting industry from a long time. From an extensive period of time, we have been serving our clients with the best quality products ansd services. Inova Cast has constantly upgraded the manufacturing technology to produce better quality casts for our clients. We have a very reliable team of investment casting professionals who use the latest processes and tools available in the industry for machined investment casting.


Why Investment Casting Foundry?

Investment casting process is also popularly known as the lost wax process. It is a casting method in which complex metal casts or the precision casts are produced. With the help of the latest investment casting techniques, extremely specific and detailed metal casts and components are produced in the investment casting foundry. The final products exactly meet the specifications outlined. In this process, expendable wax patterns are used to shape and reshape the liquid form of the metal. One of the main reasons that has made machined investment casting a preferred choice of the industries worldwide is that with the help of this process, the industries can make precise metal casts while reducing the material waste generation to a large extent. Also, less energy and machining are required for investment casting. Overall, it is an efficient process to make metal casts with fine surface finish.

Inova Cast is a leading investment casting suppliers of the country as we are capable of producing even the most intricately shaped metal casts using this process. We have the experience and the resources to make complex shapes. We understand that well trained and experienced investment casting experts are required to produce intricately shaped casts. Therefore, we have an inhouse team of design engineers and casting experts to produce metal casts with the exact specifications as the clients need.

Inovacast A Preferred Choice Of The Machined Investment Casting Industry

Reliable Raw Material

Good quality raw material is very important to make topnotch metal casts. We use the best quality metals and alloys to make the casts. We get the raw material from some of the most genuine vendors in the industry. Our raw material is sturdy and durable, therefore, as a result, our metal casts are also very long lasting.

High-Tech Facility

Investment casting is a special process of manufacturing therefore, it requires advanced machineries and tools. We have the latest equipment needed to make the molds. Our team also keeps a close eye on the industry trends so that we are able to adopt the newer technology if required to make high-quality casts at a quick pace.

Continuous Inspection and Review

Our quality process is very comprehensive. We continuously check the quality of the material at every step of the investment casting process. Our frequent inspections and reviews help us achieve the utmost quality and precision.

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