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Manufacturers of Steel Castings in India

Inova Cast, one of the leading casting manufacturers and suppliers of the country makes good quality steel castings in India. Steel castings are used extensively in a variety of industries across the world. Generally, steel castings are solid metal items that are manufactured by filling the gap inside a mold with the liquid steel. There are a lot of reasons that make steel casts a preferred choice of many industries. Steel casts can be easily designed into intricate shapes. We are a cutting-edge technical foundry that has an extensive experience of making a wide range of steel castings for different purposes.


Different Types of InovaCast’s Steel Castings India

Alloy Cast Steel

We manufacture alloyed castings using some of the finest quality alloys available in the market. The alloyed cast steel manufactured by us is either a low or a high alloy casting, based on the material used. Our alloyed casting is very strong and durable as it is heat resistant, wear and tear resistant, corrosion resistant.

Carbon Cast Steel

Carbon cast steel is one of the most popularly used steel castings India. We make solid carbon steel castings using the best quality material. The steel castings are durable and strong. They solve several purposes in the organization. Inova Cast makes a wide variety of steel casting in India, including the carbon cast steel. The different varieties of steel castings are used for a variety of different applications.

Some of the other types of steel castings India manufactured by us are listed below:

Listed below are the steps involved in manufacturing steel castings in India:

Designing and Molding

First of all, our team understands the requirements of the clients, including their existing feeding and filling system of the casts. Based on the insights, we design the patterns that are needed by the clients. We use high-tech methods to design and plan the making of the steel castings in India. We have a cutting-edge facility for molding and core making processes. Our facility has top-quality sand mixers that function continuously for molding and core making.

Melt, Cast and Demold

In our manufacturing facility, we have the containers that are capable of holding huge volume of liquid metal. We accurately and safely melt, cast and demold the material to make the steel castings in India. As a part of the process demolding is also performed in the facility with utmost precision.

Subsequent Processes

Listed above are a few of the top steps involved in the manufacturing of the steel casts. After the demolding is done, shot blasting, heat treatment, fettling and some of the other necessary processes tale place to make the perfectly shaped steel castings in India.

We also make sure that the steel castings India are comprehensively quality checked before reaching the end user.

Apart from the steel castings mentioned above, we make a variety of other castings as well as per the needs of the clients. We also have a specialized team that focus primarily on offering the customized products and services to our clients. They understand the specific requirements of the clients and as per the understanding manufacture and supply top quality steel casting in India.

Please feel free to reach out to us to know more about steel castings in India.