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Microfusion Investment Casting Company

Inova Cast is a reliable and popular microfusion investment casting company. We have a specialized microfusion investment casting team that uses their knowledge and experience wisely to make the casts from alloys. Basically, investment casting is a process which is used extensively by many companies to make the metal products. It is used to make intricately shaped components. The metal products or components made using the investment casting process have greater tolerances than a vast majority of other products. Also, the products made from microfusion and investment casting have a very fine surface finish.


More about Microfusion Investment Casting

Microfusion is a popular investment casting process used in many manufacturing facilities. With this process, the manufacturers are able to get perfectly shaped metal products. The end products are exactly as per the specification of the clients. The products have very fine finishing, as even the minute details of the specifications are taken into consideration while manufacturing using this process. It is a technical process and requires a technically skilled team to perform the operations. Also, a plenty of machines and tools are needed to perform this process.

With the help of this process, the manufacturing units are able to take care of even the smallest details needed to manufacture the exact products. The manufacturing experts use intricate cutting and shaping tools and techniques to attain the dimensional accuracy which is needed to get utmost precision. Inova Cast holds a lot of experience and expertise in this field and therefore, we are considered one of the best microfusion investment casting company in the country.

We Deeply Care About the Quality of the Product

Apart from a very well-experienced manufacturing team, we also have a trained quality team. Our quality team’s main priority is to consistently and correctly inspect and review the product and the process multiple times so that we are able to deliver flawless product to the clients. We follow all the standard protocols and guidelines; thus, we are able to make the exact product which turns out to be extremely valuable for the clients. We keep enhancing our quality processes to include the latest methods used in the industry.

We also cater to the customization requirements of the clients related to microfusion investment casting. Please feel free to contact us to know more or discuss any specific investment casting requirements.

We Deliver Utmost Accuracy

Inova Cast believes in delivering exactly what the client needs, and therefore, we are recognized as a leading microfusion investment casting company. We use the cutting-edge technology and machinery to make products with precision. We have an engineering team that smartly strategizes the development of the products by first understanding even the minutest details of the product requirements. Most importantly, we follow the correct process to make accurate products.