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Precision Machined Components from Steel Bars

Inova Cast is a leading manufacturer of precision machined components. We are recognized worldwide for our precision machined components from steel bars and plates. Our manufacturing unit is capable of developing various components with different specifications. Apart from supplying some of the most common precision machined components from steel plates, we may also consider manufacturing components as per some specific requirements of the clients. Our products meet all the national and international standards. All the components that we manufacture using precision machined techniques are very strong and durable.

More about Precision Machined Components

Precision machining is the technique that is used to specifically cut the metal components. While cutting the metal components, anything that is extra is removed from the metals. The metal is basically reshaped to attain high level of tolerance. It involves the use of certain methods and techniques to reshape the big chunks of the material into smaller chunks. The precision machined components are therefore very refined. Precision machined manufacturing is used in many industries for several purposes. Some of the most commonly used materials for precision machined manufacturing include, Nickel Alloy, Duplex, Copper, Alloy Steel and more.

Some of the most common industrial applications of precision machined components from steel bars and plates include, their uses in the aircrafts, automobiles, valves, pumps, electronics, railway engineering, construction and various industries.


Here’re a few of the top reasons to buy precision machined components from us:

Our Knowledgeable Team of Experts

We make some of the finest precision machined components from plates because we have an expert team. Our team specializes in precision machining; therefore, they are able to execute exceptional manufacturing plans to make high quality components. Our team has a very comprehensive understanding of the precision machinery standards and controls. We have set up a very modern and advanced machining environment so that we are able to manufacture good quality components at a quick pace. We also have the latest cutting tools and machinery to make premium quality components. Our team keeps enhancing the capabilities to manufacture more improved precision machined components.

Inova Cast is one of the most reliable manufacturer of precision machined components from steel bars because we have a lot of experience in this field and we have successfully completed many projects. Our main aim is to satisfy our clients by offering them some of the finest quality components.

High Resistance and Reliability

The precision machined components from steel bars and plates are strong. They have higher strength because they are manufactured using a specific process. Also, the precision machined components are more resistant to corrosion than a plenty of other type of metals. The solid components are perfect to be used in many industries. These components also have very fine designs and shapes. They are meant to stay strong for a very long period of time. Sometimes very innovative and unique precision machining processes are used to make even intricate components for some special needs.

If you want to know more about precision machining components, please feel free to contact us.