Manufacturing Of Investment Castings India

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Wax Injection

  • Indigenous Wax preparation technology for better quality wax pattern & stable dimensions.
  • Fresh pattern wax for manufacturing of wax patterns for better quality, dimensions & surface finish.
  • Centrally Air Conditioning Unit for control of Temperature in entire wax injection, inspection & storage area.
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Wax Assembly

  • Indigenous Wax Assembly system with proper Identification & traceability for separate materials throughout the process.
  • Recycled wax is used for assembly of wax patterns to utilize used wax.
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Ceramic Coating

  • Centrally Air Conditioning Unit & Dehumidifier for control of Temperature & Humidity in entire Ceramic Coating & drying area.
  • Indigenous Ceramic coating technology for better quality of ceramic shell strength with inadequate permeability & better surface finish of castings.
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  • Autoclave & Boiler unit for dewaxing for better quality of shells to control cracks during dewaxing of shells.
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Melting & Pouring

  • 250 KW Induction Furnace with three crucibles [300 Kg., 250 Kg. & 150 Kg.]
  • 175 KW stand by Induction Furnace for emergency breakdown.
  • Oil / Gas fired Shell Baking Furnace.
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Fettling & Heat Treatment

  • In-house LPG Fired Bogie Hearth type Heat Treatment Furnace with 500 Kg. Batch for Solution Annealing, Normalizing & Annealing.
  • Separate Electric Heat Treatment Furnace for Tempering at controlled temperature.
  • In house separate shot blasting, grinding & pneumatic grinding facility for stainless Steel & Carbon steel.