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Brass Forging Exporters & Suppliers

Inova Cast is amongst some of the finest expert brass forging exporters and suppliers in the country. Our trustworthy and reliant brass forging services have made us one of the topmost brass forging suppliers of the country. We have a knowledgeable team as well as a high-tech facility for brass forging. Therefore, we are able to provide topnotch products and services to our clients. Brass forging is a specialized technique of manufacturing; hence, we make sure that we have the perfect tools and machinery for brass forging. It is basically a hot forging process. In this process metal is made with the help of intense pressure and temperature. The process involves reshaping of the metal.

More About Brass Forging by Inova Cast

Brass forging involves the use of high pressure as well as heat. Generally, brass is heated in order to deform or reshape it. After the metal is heated, high pressure is applied to reshape the metal. One of the top benefits of using brass for forging is that Brass is relatively easier to deform or reshape. It is comparatively easier to forge. With apt heating and application of pressure, brass can be smoothly and finely reshaped.

An alloy of zinc and copper, Brass is very frequently used for forging. It is a malleable metal; therefore, less effort is needed to deform and reshape it. Brass is very widely used for a plenty of purposes. It is even used for making a wide range of items for decoration. Unlike a plenty of other forged metals, forged brass offers a unique amalgamation of integrity, accuracy and strength. It has a very fine surface finish, and as a result it turns out to be a perfect choice for many general use applications. The brass forging process enables the manufacturers to get accurately shaped metals. Accuracy and tolerance are two of the prominent features that make brass forging very popular amongst the industries.


Here’re a few of the top reasons to choose Inova Cast over other brass forging suppliers and exporters:

Strong and Resistant Metal:

Brass forging is preferred over a wide range of other processes, because the end result of the forging process is a very strong metal. Inova Cast, one of the leading brass forging exporters supplies strongly forged brass that is capable of withstanding strong conditions. The forged metal also has higher resistance as comparted to other metals. Specially, they are resistant to several temperature ranges. Forged metals are generally more durable. Apart from being resistant to higher temperature, forged brass is also resistant to corrosion. Being a nonferrous alloy, it doesn’t get rusty.

Other Benefits:

Inova Cast has a cutting-edge facility for brass forging. We use the latest techniques and tools for quick and efficient forging process. The accuracy rate of the forged metals is also very high. Also, forged brass manufactured by us can be recycled easily. It can be reused easily. We also cater to customization requirements of our clients and offer them products at the best possible prices.

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