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Investment Castings Manufacturers in India

Inova Cast is a world-class investment casting manufacturer in India. We make top-quality investment casting in India using topnotch materials and latest techniques and machineries. Investment casting is a very popular process. It is a technique used to make and remake similar metal parts with absolute accuracy or precision. In this process, wax patterns are used to reshape the metals. The liquid form of the metal is poured into the wax pattens to reshape them. As investment casting requires the use of many machines and tools, therefore, we have setup a fully functional manufacturing facility for investment casting. Inova Cast, a leading casting manufacturer in India has a team of investment casting experts who intelligently handle the manufacturing facility to produce efficient products for our clients. Therefore, we are considered as one of the topmost manufacturers of investment castings in the country.

More About Investment Casting

Investment casting is a popular process of manufacturing intricately shaped components having tighter tolerances. The components or parts made using investment casting have a good surface finish. Also, they are considered to be stronger and reliable than many other metals. Investment casting involves the process of making a mold. The mold has to be perfectly created in order to get the final product with the exact specifications. Investment casting process is also popularly known as lost wax process. It is used for the precision casting of components used in many industries, including automobile, aerospace etc. Investment casting is becoming quite popular at a rapid pace because it is turning out to be very beneficial for the users in many ways. The components made using investment casting have many applications.


Reasons to select Inova Cast, one of the best manufacturers of investment casting in India:

Outstanding Surface Finish and Accuracy

Inova Cast has an inhouse team of investment casting experts who use their experience and expertise to make super fine casts. The components made using the casting process have superb surface finish. The smooth finish is achieved by using ceramic molds. Apart from smooth surface finish, our investment casting components are also known for their exceptional dimensional tolerance.

We can make components at a very quick pace

Investment casting is a very comprehensive process. Therefore, it requires the use of the latest technology and tools. We have a modern setup with the latest machinery, and as a result, we are able to produce components at a very quick speed. If you want good quality components made using the investment casting process, please feel free to contact us. With the help of our modern methods, we are able to produce the metal casts quickly and efficiently.

We can make complex shapes

We have the facility and skills that are needed to produce even the most complexly shaped casts. If you have any specific casting requirements, please reach out to our team to discuss the requirements and we will do our best to help you with exactly what you need. Inova Cast is known as one of the best manufacturers of Investment castings because we make different shapes and sizes of the products using the process of investment castings in India.

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