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Lost Wax Casting Manufacturers in India

Inova Cast is a popular lost wax casting manufacturer of the country that manufactures and supplies good quality castings to a wide range of industries across the country. We have an experienced and expert team that uses the lost wax process for precision investment casting. We use both ferrous and non-ferrous metals. We use high-quality metals for lost wax casting in India. We have a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility for lost wax casting.


More About Lost Wax Casting in India by Inova Cast

Lost wax casting is a process which is used extensively by many companies for precision casting. It is a process in which a wax pattern is utilized to make a ceramic mold for crafting either a part or the product design. Lost wax is used very extensively because of its accuracy in crafting the parts. Precision of the casts make lost wax casting in India one of the most popular processes used for casting. In this process, we use wax patterns to design the initial mold. Complex and intricate designs could also be created with ease using the lost wax process. Wax is used to create the CAD designs, which are further used to make the pattern of the pieces that are required to be manufactured.

Inova Cast, a leading lost wax casting manufacturer in the country performs a wide range of steps to make the casts. Starting from crafting the pattern to finally creating the casts. Our team of investment casting experts is our strength. Our specialists help us prepare the best quality products for the clients using the most effective and quick methods.

Reasons that make Inova Cast a popular lost wax casting manufacturer In India:

One of the topmost reasons that make us a top choice of the investment casting or precision casting industry is that we use the most effective lost wax casting techniques. We have an inhouse team of experts that uses the latest techniques and tools for lost wax castings in India. We also keep a very close eye on the industry trends to adopt the latest technology and machinery for precision investment casting. Our team of experts uses the best possible methodologies for quick and efficient lost wax process.

Apart from using the latest techniques, we also use pure and high-quality material for lost wax casting in India. We have partnered with a few of the best vendors in the industry to get the top-notch quality raw material to manufacture and supply the exclusive range of steel castings. We even use top-quality alloys that help us make strong and durable castings for our clients.

We focus majorly on the quality of the products that we manufacture. Therefore, we also have a very efficient quality process that enables us to deliver finest products to the clients.

If you want to know more about lost wax casting or investment casting, please feel free to contact us. We will be happy to answer all your questions.